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Journal of Korean Academy of Women's Health Nursing 1998;4(3):297-308.
Women's Perception of Nursing Student Support during Labor
Park, Nan Jun
Kun san College of Nursing, associate professor, Korea.
The purpose of this study was to define whether NSILQ is useful for the nursing student in supporting women labor room(Nursing Support in Labor Questionnaire). The retrospective study was conducted to identify the helpfulness of nursing student support behaviors as perceived by women in Labor. This sample of 152 women completed two data collection instruments : a demographic & obstetric questionnaire(12) and NSILQ(20). The data were analyzed by Cronbach alpha, descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA with SAS program. The result of this study are as follows. 1. All of NSILQ nursing behaviors were perceived as helpful in this study. The total mean of perceived score was 3.4+/-0.90. 2. According to the type of nursing support, the mean of Affect(AT) care was 3.48+/-0.79, the mean of Aid(AD) care was 3.37+/-0.82, the mean of Affirmation(AM) care was 3.35+/-0.90. Among the type of care, the AD care was 52.2%, and the most helpful one. 3. The significant characters of nursing support are antenatal care numbers and husband with or not in labor process. In the group of score of nursing support, the number of antenatal care was low(F=3.90, P=0.02). The score of the group husbands in labor process was higher.(T=4.55, P=0.001). 4. The significant characters of influencing on nursing support required are the person who helped and whether women has job or not. 5. The highest numbers of wanting nursing support are Aid cares(74.3%). The care the women wanted mostly was Aid cares (74.3%; pain control in labor(56.6%), physical comfort(6.6%), coach in labor(3.9%), explain of dilatation(1.3%) in rank.
Key Words: Social Support; Nursing Support in Labor

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